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En kurs i mirakler

En Kurs i mirakler

What does the course say?


 The course says this world is an illusion. You are in a dream in which you have denied your true Self and your Creator. This dream can be used for further denial or for awakening. The choice is yours where you invest your time and efforts. This world, through the Holy Spirit, will offer you knowledge, hidden in lessons that you have to learn. You must look beneath the surface of the world's seemingly "random" patterns and look within yourself and seriously consider what you need to learn. If you learn the lessons right that the Holy Spirit offers you, you will eventually wake up from the dream of the world. If you choose the ego instead, you will continue to sleep and dream the world's dream and never wake up.


The choice is yours.

How does the course achieve the goal?

The course achieves the goal by involving the student in a dialogue with the Holy Spirit, which is already in the student's mind, but which the student himself has forgotten. When the mind begins to listen to the Holy Spirit and trust His thinking, instead of putting its trust in its own limited ability, peace and joy increase, and the mind is proven that what the Course says is true. There is then a positive feedback which deepens the mind's motivation to get rid of all pain and fear, and thus become enlightened.
The Course uses forgiveness as its most important tool. Forgiveness is the tool that is easiest to understand and cleanest to use. Once you learn what forgiveness means, it cannot be abused. A consistent use of it always leads to an opening of the heart and ultimately to a remembrance of God. In this work, the Holy Spirit who is the Voice of Forgiveness helps you.


Can the course fail?

The course cannot fail because it does not aim to add anything that does not already exist. Its object of learning is therefore the most natural there is, as it is only a means of teaching the mind to remember what is already in it. This cannot fail because the basic desire of the mind is to become whole and return to God. However you define God, you must understand that around the word "God" you have a lot of ideas, or prejudices, none of which are true, but rather are shaped by your ego, which is terrified of God. If you have an aversion to the word "God", you are already programmed by ideas that prevent you from understanding what "God" really means. You still have a lot to learn. Then be humble enough to realize that you don't know everything. God creates only the eternal, because He Himself is eternal love and eternal life, and love cannot create its opposite, which in such cases would be fear and death. This opposite has therefore never been created except in imaginations. Therefore, ceasing these fantasies and simply recognizing the truth for what it is cannot be difficult. That which is eternally true can never change, cease, or change character, and when this thought dawns on the student's mind, he understands that he was always entirely without fault, eternally loved by the God of love, and just as perfect as God made him. And at this moment, when the Son of God realizes his perfect role in Creation, God Himself illuminates his mind with His Light, and all suffering ceases.

Who wrote the course?

Helen Schuckman och Bill Thetford

Helen Schucman and Bill Thetford

A Course in Miracleswas channeled by Helen Schucman and written down by her and William "Bill" Thetford over a seven-year period. It was first published in 1976. Helen and Bill were colleagues and professors of psychology at Columbia University Medical Center, a university hospital in New York. They were middle-aged when the Voice first came to Helen and urged her to take notes. The voice said to Helen:

                 “This is a course in miracles, please take notes.”

The voice had to pester Helen for a long time, repeating the same phrase over and over again, because Helen's mind revolted. She thought she was going crazy. She had never experienced this before; hearing a voice in her head talking to her. She went through a deep inner crisis, and finally confided in tears to her boss, Bill, and lamented in despair. Bill, on the other hand, was calm and pragmatic. He assured Helen that she was not crazy, and suggested to Helen why not do as the Voice says: Take notes. “Then you can show me your notes and no one else needs to know anything. And then I can also type them out.”


So they did.

Bill sat behind his typewriter in the office and Helen read from her shorthand pad what she had written down, often shaking with tears. She couldn't understand what was coming through her, and the information was deeply upsetting. Sometimes Bill had to hold the crying Helen with one hand and type with the other. Bill was immediately taken aback by the deep meaning of the words, and he understood that this was no imagination, and that it was definitely not Helen's words. The whole phenomenon was incomprehensible and inexplicable. But they continued their work. After about a month with this working method, both Helen and Bill realized that the Voice belonged to Jesus.

At the beginning of this process, Helen often argued with Jesus. At one point she cried and shook in anger and despair and said: “I am a Jewess and an atheist. Why couldn't you have chosen anyone but me; perhaps a devout Christian nun?” And Jesus answered: “Because this works. You hear me and what I want to say, now continue to take notes.”

Some are disturbed, deeply worried or offended by the fact that Jesus makes no secret of the fact that it is he who speaks in the Course. He does this in several places, but perhaps most clearly in the chapter on his own crucifixion. This must be taken as it is. It is quite possible to establish a relationship with the Holy Spirit instead of with Him, and still get the maximum effect from His course. Who you identify as the Voice in the book is the same thing, because as he himself says: there is practically no difference between him and the Holy Spirit, because they say the same thing. Another thing that may bother some, especially women, is that the text adopts a male perspective. It is not a coincidence, and does not rest on arbitrariness. The course is dressed in Christian language clothing for several reasons. The Christian symbols and patriarchal imagery of the sacred; God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, should not be taken as an argument in the debate about the equal right and value of the sexes. The course is not aimed at this, but at correcting your mind until you realize that there is no difference in anything, and therefore everything has equal value. Saying Son of God is thus exactly the same as saying Daughter of God. But the text would have become clumsy and circumstantial if it had had to keep talking about "he/she", or "God's Son/God's Daughter" just to make sure that no one felt left out and offended. This type of consideration would also counter the Course's purpose of freeing students from ego, when it itself states that only an ego can feel violated. Jesus trusts your intelligence to see beyond the symbols. Then, thirdly, to invent a non-gender specific pronoun exclusively for the sake of the Course, to include all the Children of God, becomes equally strange. That would put Kursen in a literary special position for the wrong reason. Many are also just as annoyed by such made-up words as others are by not having their gender spelled out. So it should already be obvious how unimportant it is to argue about pronouns, and how far away from the Course's goal this leads us.A Course in Miraclesfollows Christian tradition because it was written by Jesus, and because Christianity arose out of Jesus' teaching. To invent something new is to believe the ego's ideas that something other than what exists would be so much better. Christianity serves as a good foundation. There is already enough fighting between the existing religions that it would be pointless to invent a new religion to fight about. Namely, it is not the religions as such that will liberate man, but rather his thoughts about them and his use of them. They all serve the same purpose. Properly practiced, they all lead to God. Jesus wrote the Course to save us from our illusions and to correct the misunderstandings of his teachings found in the Bible that already arose while he was alive. To this end, we thank him and choose to take what he says without twisting it to suit ourselves. We already did that two thousand years ago, and we don't need to make that mistake again.

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Jag åkte till Norge för att dö

En pilgrims resa mot frälsning med En kurs i mirakler

Jag åkte till Norge för att dö.

Enligt den officiella hemsidan för en Kurs i mirakler,, så refereras allt material som handlar om kursen, men som inte är utgivna av Foundation for Inner Peace, för “Mirakelstudier“.

Per Berglunds bok – "Jag åkte till Norge för att dö" – är en sådan bok. Vill du ta dina mirakelstudier till nästa steg?

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