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A pilgrims journey towards salvation with 

A course in miracles


“This book contains a lot. Per Berglund has captured his journey from darkness to light with unparalleled precision and wisdom, and he freely shares his discoveries with the reader. How can you achieve happiness if you are not honest with yourself? This is a question of central importance in the book. In this deep inner self-examination, Per uses as much dry humor and self-distance as in A Course in the Eternal Wisdom of Miracles. He applies the Course to his practical situation and finds the thoughts that lead him further towards the light. At times, especially in the beginning, the suffering is great, and in his story we all recognize ourselves, which makes Per's drama extremely exciting to follow. But even when it seems darkest, he never abandons his faith in meaning, in something higher, and this light from above shines into his world and brings him home.

In the book, we get to meet many miracles and "supernatural" abilities and the spirit's direct communication with us - and not least how love and forgiveness can transform our lives and make us abandon the distorted and unnatural image we have made of ourselves. It is truly a personal document about the only true path to true happiness – the path we usually call the narrow path. It is a journey from despair and hopelessness to the extraordinary and inexplicable light that rests in the acceptance of ourselves just as we are; beyond all the mindless compromises of the ego. In order to get to Heaven, you must actually leave a world behind you – the world that, even when you were a child, began to be pressed down upon your head by the ego's teaching about the world; what the world wanted from you, and what you had to put up with and accept in order to be loved and feel valued. There are other explanations of the world and other ways of looking at it, which do not involve a denial of your inner identity. Per convinces us of this by demonstrating his wise choices to all of us, so that we learn to make the right choices like him."

Here is a selection of the reactions the book received:

"I can warmly recommend Per's book. It has touched me deeply and gives me new perspectives on the way the ego operates mercilessly. A journey towards atonement that touches us all.”
Lotta Melin

"I'm shivering when I read, I just love this!"
Gunnar Hägg

"A book that has most of it: Fine-tuned sadness, snorting joy, naked intimacy, cutting anguish and finally completely liberating jubilation! Read this to understand how the Miracle Course touches us in everything”
Magnus Bohlin

"In my eyes, Per is a master at explaining so that it clicks."
Christina Suneson

"Per, your book has made a big impression on me. I have read it a bit quickly the first time. It's so exciting too. Now I am doing the second reading.”
Johannes Ekrelius

"Thank you, Beloved Per, for sharing your story in this wonderful book! With some laughter and some tears, I have had questions cleared up and many AHA experiences. The chapter on "Hope" was the most beautiful thing I've ever read."
Anne-Charlotte Steen

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