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Endeliss is planning a new retreat via Per Berglund on ?????.  We hold smaller retreats to guarantee a lot of closeness and dialogue and participation. Current topics and emotionally and intellectually challenging pieces from the course are on the curriculum. Many aha experiences, love and laughter from recognition are promised. Are you ready to take the next step in your spiritual development?

Pictures from the retreat in September 2021


This is an expression of interest and not a booking. However, by filling in this form, you will be prioritized in our order of rotation.

We will get back to you personally with the date, place and cost in good time for your booking. We take you and your individual needs into account.
We will also advertise this in our upcoming newsletter. Stay tuned for this!

For questions, contact Per Berglund on phone 0760-072767 or via Facebook: Per Berglund

Fill out the form below to book your place.

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