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The super meditation


I have been urged by Endeliss to tell you about the Supermeditationen – that's what Endeliss calls the meditation we held on August 3 in support of the Norgeboken's imminent publication. Endeliss had given the task of leading it to Anna-Karin Backlund. There were then more than 40 of us meditating at the same time, keeping the same focus. On the surface, the motivation was the book, and we even visualized the book's cover and saw it being published. But "behind the scenes" something else was done by Endeliss, Jesus, the angels and the heavenly powers. They used our powerful and pure focus to place something on Earth that has never been here before. So we achieved something so big and powerful that you are amazed and can hardly believe it is true. But Endeliss assures me that this is true. We placed a fountain of love on earth – a great and beautiful fountain of light that pumps out love, peace and joy all over the earth. This source will never stop pouring out its light, and no power can remove it. It is indeed a source of abundance and joy. A very important step in creating love and harmony on our planet.

Ascension is a word that Jesus does not use because it lends itself to hierarchical thinking. He prefers the term The Celestial Speed-up. It is because our galaxy, the Milky Way, passes through a very high energy sector. This phase lasts for 112 years, between 1951-2063. After that, the Milky Way leaves the high sector, and people stop evolving as quickly. So it was intended. But then we came. We changed everything – or, rather; we became the instruments of a completely unique change. Endeliss, Jesus and the angels refueled through us the energy of the high sector and manifested it on earth, to forever remain here and abundantly pump out their light to humanity. The practical consequence of this is that the ascension will not end for man in the year 2063. The ascension will go on and on, for now we have the fountain of light continually purifying us.

At this absolutely astounding information, Endeliss reminded me of what Ambres says: "The light shall come from the North."
It is we together who are this light. This has recently become increasingly clear in our group meditations on Sundays. I now also strike a blow for this group and urge everyone who is a member of the Facebook group "Conversations with Endeliss" to take part in our light work in the meditation group. Become a member of Conversation with Endeliss first.


Thanks for listening.

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